The Black Wolf Story

Why Black Wolf ?

Loyalty, Family, and Friendship

Wolves love to be with other wolves. They form deep bonds with the other members of their pack and they depend on each other to survive. Wolves put the pack first, above their own interests. Above all, wolves want their pack to thrive.  I’d like to think that if each candle could provide the opportunity for just one moment of self care, it might make life a tiny bit better.

To me candles are about ambiance, aroma and self care, creating a relaxing and restorative environment. We each need moments to rest and restore, to switch off from the every day and take time for ourselves. Perhaps you might like to create a ritual, lighting a candle, sitting or lying quietly, giving yourself a window of solitude to relax and reset. A moment of reflection & restoring energy can be so beneficial to our mental health and overall well being. 

The Chandlery

Every candle is made by me, with love, here in Burrill Lake on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. The candle workshop is called The Chandlery and it’s at the bottom of the garden. Music is playing or I listen to podcasts as I create. It’s a soothing and mostly relaxing process. I do feel I’m living my childhood dream, the one where I used to make perfume out of crush rose petals with water in a bottle. The shelves are full of bottles of fragrance, the aroma of scent is ever present. Even our neighbours welcome the gently wafting fragrance on pouring days.

Local Reduce Reuse Recycle

All of the ingredients are sourced and grown in Australia, because I want to support local suppliers.  The candles contain the highest quality coco soy wax and premium quality fragrance oils or pure essential oils. The essential oil range tends to be more subtle and consists of four different scents.

I have made a concerted effort to reduce the reliance on plastic and to recycle where possible. As such, I have sourced paper parcel tape and paper packaging in place of plastic tape & bubble wrap for sending  out online orders. Returned jars to clean and reuse are very welcome.  Several local customers bring me jars to refill  on a regular basis. Australia Post is preferred for delivering the packages. After trial and error with couriers, I find Aus Post not the cheapest but the most reliable.

Black Wolf Candles –  Three Ranges.

Original Range  – large or small glass bulb candles minimalist and will fit with any decor or style. They are gorgeous to receive as gifts (including for yourself.) The range of fragrance is large catering for most tastes, citrus, fruity, aromatic, you choose the size of jar and the wick – cotton or wood.  Some folk think the burning wood wick is like the crackling of logs on a wood fire, creating even more ambiance.– Its a personal choice.

The Earth Range – Soy Candles in brown glass jars with subtle fragrances from nature, including herbs bergamot, cinnamon, eucalyptus and lavender as well as citrus,  White Citrus and Lime, Clementine and Wild Berry.

The Mens Range ( Women also love them ) – Soy candles in black glass jars with a focus on aromatics, orientals, woody,  exotic and spice based  fragrance. With ingredients such as oakmoss, vanilla, sandalwood, leather, amber and cardamon you can sense a different vibe here. I love them they are divine. My inspiration to develop the range was from a male friend of ours who always smells gorgeous. The candles all have mens names, Eli, Fynn, Imran, Jacques and Luis.

The Test Team

The test team and I had several fun sessions smelling the scents and thinking of a male name that matched the scent. As an example, for me Jacques is reminiscent of French aftershave, always fresh and citrus. My dad used to wear it, he was called Jack. Luis is our friend who inspired me to develop the range, he had to have a candle with his name on it.  There are similar stories for each of the other three fragrances. As I have said previously, being a candle maker is my dream creative job. Coming from a three decade corporate career in pharmaceutical research it couldn’t be more of a contrast. So there you have it, my Black Wolf story so far.

Thank you for supporting my small business ! I sincerely hope you love my candles as much as I enjoy creating and making them. Please feel free to send me your feedback or comments  email me;

Warm Wishes Vicki xxx