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A steep learning curve – Black Wolf Candles

It’s 10 weeks tomorrow that I took over the Black Wolf business. It has been a rollercoaster, orders coming thick and fast. Trying to keep up with the ordering of supplies which have been in short supply. Soy wax is particularly difficult to get hold of especially when you just want pure soy with no additives, like paraffin. Paraffin gives a smooth finish and helps the candles solidify quicker but it is also a by product of petroleum. If you want to be as healthy is probably best avoided.

Soy wax doesn’t like humidity so I have found, my hair doesn’t like it either! As you know its been hot recently and when not so hot we’ve experienced a fair amount of humidity down here on the south coast. In these conditions the fragrance doesn’t mix too well in some cases which is interesting.I’ve learnt to choose carefully when I’ve poured candles. If there has been a delay in getting the orders out this is probably the cause.

Fragrances have also been a huge learning curve. The stockist previously used has had very limited stocks and for those of you whose favourite is Sage and Driftwood, this hasn’t been available at all during the last 10 weeks. However I am very happy with the current stock and have added a couple of lovely fruity fragrances, passionfruit and lime, as well as cranberry and orange, french pear and summer hay. The last one is more subtle.

I am now about to experiment with some new oils which I’ll let you know about as the results come in.

A new year is typically a time for resolutions, new starts and goal setting. I’m a goal setter but not too good on resolutions, its the follow up that I find tricky. Since last March and the start of the pandemic I’ve been practicing gratitude and mindfulness. Candles have always been an important part of my life as I find fragrance helps me to focus and at other times it is also relaxing, helping me to chill out.

I’m originally from the UK and most of my family still live there. It has been especially difficult for them and in the last short while even more so as they endure yet another lockdown. Three of my family members have had COVID 19 with another relative living in Europe currently in hospital with COVID 19. This means I have even more reason to be thankful. I cannot imagine what they are going through, its winter , its dark and cold, many of them have snow right now and they are scared. I have so much to be grateful for. I reflect daily and appreciate the area in which I live, the fresh air, the ocean, my little family and our two dogs and the people who I am lucky enough to call friends.

This new business has been a challenge, the website is still a work in progress but I am learning slowly! Canva is my new best friend as I do the social media thing. I try not to compare Black Wolf Candles to others, it’s more like healthy respect. I was in Huskisson recently and thought I should take advantage of the occasion and conduct a bit of research whilst my husband went to purchase paddle boards.

Candles are everywhere, no wonder there is a wax shortage. When I was buying candles I bought because of the scent and what they looked like. The feedback I get from those of you who buy is very similar. So I believe there is room for everyone. With that, thank you for reading to the end, keep safe, COVID and Sun Safe.

Make time for yourself and be kind to YOU.